Bluetooth is the peak of convenience for those wanting a solution to fidgiting with their phone while on the road! Bluetooth allows you to answer a phone call or text message without any physical interaction. This will allow you to maintain complete focus on the road and whats around you.


What other benefits can bluetooth offer?


Find Your Mobile Phone's information on a small LCD screen

Our bluetooth displays your mobile phone's information on an LCD screen: incoming call number, phonebook, last number
called, and so on. The ingenious screen / keypad can be mounted wherever users want on the dashboard to provide the optimal
viewing angle for greater comfort and useability.

Choose a kit that integrates seamlessly into your car for superior audio quality

The car's speakers accurately reproduce the caller's voice. The microphone captures the sound of your voice while filtering out the
surrounding noise. When a call comes in, the car radio automatically mutes to allow for a clear conversation.

Make calls hands-free with the voice recognition feature

When users get in their car and start the engine, the kit immediately connects to their mobile phone. With its voice recognition feature,
drivers say a name and the kit automatically dials the number. You don't have to touch your phone.



Take Advantage of the universal Bluetooth solution

Our Bluetooth is supportive of all smart phones!


At Rhudy's, we will hook you up with the best bluetooth setup recommended by our knowledgable professionals.