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Rhudy's Car Audio & Accessories offers 6-months deferred interest financing for qualifying customers! 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Deferred Interest mean?
When you apply for a credit line with a bank, generally the bank will charge you a monthly fee for the money they loaned you, this is often referred to as an APR, a loan with 6-months deferred interest such as ours means as long as the entire balance of the loan is paid off within 6-months of the date of the purchase, the bank will not charge you that APR.

What if I dont pay the entire balance within 6 months?
After 6 months the bank will charge you the intrest on the entire amount financed, not the remaining balance. We strongly suggest paying your loan off in your 6 month time period

Can I use my CarCare Credit card elsewhere?
Yes, you CarCare Credit card can be used at any automotive store that accepts the CarCare Credit Card.

How do I pay my bill?
A few weeks after you apply for your CarCare Credit you will receive a letter in the mail outlining your APR, after the 6-month promotion ended and how you can pay the balance on your account.