Keyless Entry

Make Your Life Easier

Keyless Entry

It is raining as you walk out of a store with your spouse and kids. You are running to the car and cant seem to get the door open fast enough...
Meanwhile, you all are getting soaked to the bone due to the lack of being able to unlock the doors with the press of a button!
If this is you, well look no further!
Make life easier on yourself and your family by using Keyless Entry and have convenience at your fingertips. Lock and unlock your doors and trunk from afar. Rhudy's can do it just the way you want it.


Brands we offer:

  • Viper
  • Code Alarm
  • Avatall
  • Persuit
  • Prestige

Rhudy's can install it with a great low price. Please contact one of our professionals for more information or visit one of our two locations to speak in person.